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Millie, Hairless Cat, SphynxTransition from "litter-box" to "litter-potty". Some people recommend a very gradual introduction to this big adventure, by placing her existing litter box in the bathroom and gradually (over several days) moving it closer to the potty.  Next they raise the litter box slowly with telephone books over the course of another week or so until eventually the litter box sits on top of the toilet seat.  If you choose to do this, you should make sure the box is taped to the books or the lid itself as a slip at this initial stage will certainly result in a cat who has lost trust and confidence in your efforts!As for Millie, she loved her kitty litter, so placing the box in the bathroom and on top of the toilet seat was a no brainer.  She'd use litter anywhere we'd put it.  So our adventure began with the "litter-bowl" in Step One.