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Steel Bowl, Inside ToiletThe first adaptaphone you'll need is a stainless steel salad bowl that fits the inside of your toilet bowl.  Sounds impossible but we found a $5 bowl at a local discount store and pounded it a few times with a hammer and it worked just fine.

Cat Litter Inside Steel Bowl Inside ToiletFill the bowl with litter and put the seat down.  For the next few days you'll use this just as you would her normal litter "box".  Scoop and discard clumps as you have been doing.  Make sure you keep this really clean and scoop after each use...for your sake and for hers.

IMPORTANT TIPS:  Remember this is now the ONLY place your cat is going to use.  You must be absolutely sure the bathroom door doesn't get closed.  (We placed a refrigerator magnet on our door to make certain it would not latch shut.)  You must also make sure the LID IS NEVER DOWN.  We actually taped the lid to the back of the toilet.  This way if Millie rubbed up against the lid it would not crash down on her.