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Platform on Cat Litter, Inside ToiletOnce your cat has mastered the new litter "bowl" you'll want to begin to introduce the concept of sitting on the seat instead of down in the sand. We used a plastic deli tray -- or you can use heavy cardboard -- and cut it to fit over the steel bowl.  Make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your cat.  Cut a small hole in the center, so she can still get a paw down into the litter to dig.  This is a really neat trick.  Cats like to dig holes in the litter.  So what she'll do (if you are lucky) is dig a whole with one paw, turn herself around and do her business right down into the hole! Reality is that she'll probably miss.  But that's OK, as long as she's going on the platform you are still headed in the right direction.  The deli tray plastic allowed us to easily rinse off any "mistakes."  Remember to keep scooping and discarding.  But don't worry about adding more litter to the bowl you'll want to keep the level going down to prepare for the next phase!